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Cold War Mindmap
1 The Cold War Begins
1.1 The Grand Alliance of the Srarlin (USSR), Churchill (UK) and President Truman (US)
1.2 People were frightened after the US dropped the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945
1.2.1 This bomb ended WWII, and people now lived in fear of atomic weapons
1.3 Formation of 2 Blocs
1.3.1 EASTERN BLOCK: Communist (totalitarian) Russia and allies
1.3.2 Western Bloc: Capitalist (democratic) America and allies
1.4 Tumen and Churchill wanted the control of Germany
2 Impact of WWII
2.1 More people killed than any other war
2.2 Massive population changes because of displaces people, refugees, destroyed homes and general deaths
2.3 Caused a change in territories and the map of Europe
3.1 Socialist Government: totalitarian view, gov runs everything for the people, money divided equally.
3.2 The USSR strove to have a safe and powerful posistion in Europe
3.3 Stalin gained power by grabbing neighbouring countries and converted them to communist run govs eg.Poland, Hungary ect.
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