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1 Treaty of Versaills
1.1 AKA: Diktat, Stab in the back
1.2 Terms of the treaty
1.2.1 Germany had to accept the Blame for starting the war AKA: War Guilt Clause
1.2.2 Reparations had to be paid £6.6 Million
1.2.3 The German army was decreased in numbers Germany was forbidden to have submarines or an air force Could not protect themselves
1.2.4 Germany lost land Land was given to: France Britain Poland Denmark Belgium
1.2.5 Germany was forbidden to communicate with Austria
1.2.6 The Kaiser had to be taken out of power German Emporer
2 Weimar Republic
2.1 Germany's governmant
2.1.1 Set up in 1919
2.2 Reichstag
2.2.1 Germany government building
2.2.2 Reichstag Fire A Communist was blamed Marinus van der Lubbe 1933 Hitler used this to his advantage
2.2.3 Set up in place of the Kaiser
3 Hyperinflation
3.1 Definition: monetary inflation occurring at a very high rate
3.2 June 1921 and January 1924
3.3 Why did it happen?
3.3.1 Germany stopped paying reperations The French invaded the Ruhr The Ruhr is where all the natural resources were The German people went on strike The government had to pay the people while on stike They had to print of paper money to support this This is hyperinflation Thinking they could get paid in resources
4 Munich Putsch
4.1 1923
4.2 National Socialist German Workers' Party
4.2.1 Later known as Nazi's
4.2.2 Lead by Adolf Hitler, with the support of von Ludendorff Arrested for Treason Hitler got sentenced to 5 years in prison He served 8 months He got this sentence because the judge supported him He should have been given the death sentence Von Ludendorff was let off Hitler used the trial to his advantage Publicity
4.2.3 Mostly SA troops
4.3 AKA:Beer Hall Putsch
5.1 Formally known as National Socialist German Workers' party
5.2 Founded by Anton Drexler
6 Adolf Hitler
6.1 Nazi Party
6.1.1 Joined in 1919 as a spy Became leader in 1921
6.3 Became chancellor in 1933
6.3.1 Became President in 1934 Naming himself Führer
6.4 Set up the SA and SS
6.4.1 SA Hitler's private army Mainly Freikorps Ex-army Thugs Leader Ernst Röhm
6.4.2 SS Lead by Heinrich Himmler Commited most of the exactions of Jews
7 Night of long knives
7.1 Execution of 500 Nazi left-wing Strasserist faction and some figurehead
7.2 Ernst Röhm
7.2.1 Killed by SS
7.2.2 Wanted to merge the SA with army Army didn't want it Hitler wanted army happy Reason for his death Would make him to powerful More powerful than Hitler
8 kristallnacht
8.1 Happened after a Jew killed a Nazi leader in France
8.2 Civilians destroyed jewish shops
8.2.1 SA out of uniform
8.2.2 So that Nazi's weren't to blame
8.3 AKA: Knight of broken glass