Leisure and Recreation

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Created by bagzxx over 6 years ago
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Leisure and Recreation
1 Leisure-free time when you choose what you want to do. Not time taken up from sleeping,eating,toilet and shower
1.1 Active Leisure - activities where physical and mental exertion required & can be low impact physical activities. (Energy, little contact or competition, can also be high impact
1.1.1 Yoga & Walking
1.2 Passive leisure - No physical or mental energy exerted
1.2.1 TV, video games, cinema - doesn't provide same benefits of active leisure
2 Leisure provision - Local authorities have to provide leisure services by law
2.1 Public:Libraries, swimming pools, playing fields & sports centre
2.2 Increasing number of private enterprises that run variety of sports-related facilities but only run if profit and demand are sufficient
2.2.1 Rural generally less provision that urban because population is lower
2.2.2 Providers and users-local authority provision specifically targeting particular "user groups" & making concessions & allowances for them User groups-mother and toddler group, unemployed, senior citizens (retired) & shift workers
2.3 Private enterprises: only exist to make profit e,g, fitness clubs like Fitness First
3 Why increase in leisure time?
3.1 High unemployment
3.2 Advances in technology-labour saving e.g. washing machines
3.3 Flexible working hours - can also work at home therefore saves more time
3.4 People have gained more knowledge about why leisure good for you leisure benefits & health care
3.4.1 Keep fit-maintain stamina/flexibility, Well being-feel good about yourself, social-friendships + Enjoyable + constructive way to spend free time
4 Recreation- time to relax and enjoy yourself, do something active and healthy an ative part of leisure
4.1 Physical recreation - you opt in for an intrinsic reward than extrinsic
4.2 Outdoor recreation-activity associated with challenge in the natural environment
4.2.1 Climbing, Abseiling or water environment-sailing, windsurfing and canoeing
5 Activity choices
5.1 Age-some activities more suited to elderly e.g. bowls
5.2 Location-beach=surf, snow=skiing
5.3 Provision and cost-although activities available you may not be able to afford them
6 Lifelong Sports-involving yourself in activity carried on throughout life
6.1 Encouraged by many sports e.g, Swimming offers competitions, Sessions and clubs targeted at different age groups
6.2 Aerobics, walking and jogging

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