Food Technology- Additives (Specification)


GCSE and AS level revision on additives against the specification.
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Food Technology- Additives (Specification)
  1. Functions in the diet
    1. smooth and consistent texture
      1. emulsifiers
        1. stablizers and thickeners
          1. anticaking agents to allow free movement of mxiture
          2. Improve and preserve nutrient value
            1. fortified with minerals, vitamins and nutrients
              1. all foods with added nutrients must be labbelled
              2. wholesomeness of foods
                1. preservatives reduce the spoilage of food
                  1. help preserve flavour of the product
                  2. provide colour and enhance flavour
                    1. improve appearance
                      1. certain spices bring out the flavour
                    2. colours
                      1. pigment or dye
                        1. E100s
                          1. improve appearance of the product
                          2. Preservatives
                            1. prevent the growth of moulds and fungi
                              1. safe for human consumption
                                1. used commonly on canned meats
                                2. Sweeteners
                                  1. tricks the mind that we are eating actual sugar
                                    1. change texture of products
                                      1. causes products to not dry out
                                      2. Emulsifying agents
                                        1. allows mixtures of different viscosities to mix
                                        2. Flavourings and Flavour enhancers
                                          1. taste is a mixture of aroma and flavours
                                            1. flavourings are based on around 5- 50 ingredients.
                                              1. best way to know is to do sensory testing
                                              2. Antitoxidants
                                                1. oxidation is the process of decay in foods
                                                  1. air-tight packaging can also be used
                                                    1. added to foods containing unsaturated fats
                                                    2. Fortification
                                                      1. addition of vitamin and nutrients which might of been loss (Like building a fort to protect you)
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