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Primary processing of Milk

Homogenized milk:Milk forced through tiny holes under great pressure, fat gloubles are broken down and unable to reform, the milk has no cream on top.

Sterilized milk:homogenized, bottles and sealed! heated to 110oc and this alters the taste

Evaporated Milk:Water is evaporated off from it. it is homogenized and sealed. it is also sterilized.

Dried Milk:Used in manufacturing because it's less bulky. it will also keep for several months. drying removes the water and prevents the growth of bacteria.

Pasteurized milk:heated to 72oc for 10 seconfs and cooled rapidly.

Skimmed milk:this pasteurized and has all the cream removed

semi-skinned milk:pasteurized and has some cream removed.

UHT ( Ultra heat transferred) milk:the milk is heated to 135oc for 1 second. it is known as long life milk.

Channel Islands Milk:pasteurized whole milk from jersey or guernsey cows. it has 5% extra fat which makes it creamy.

condensed milk:Evaporated milk which isnt steralized. it has extra sugar to preserve and thicken it.


Nutritional Content of Milk

Whole Milk contains: sugar (lactose) vitamin B Calcium Fat Phosphorus protein vitamin A

Vitamin A is removed from skimmed milk.

The amount of fat depends on the type of milk.


Secondary processing of Milk

Butter:Made by churning cream, it may be added to margarines to improve their flavour.

Cream:The amount of liquid removed determines the type of cream produced

Cheese:Milk in solid form. The cheese produced depends on the type of milk and the bacteria used, how acidic it is and the method of production.

Yoghurt:made by adding lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptocussus thermophilus bacteria,

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