Opposition to the Reformation

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Opposition to the Reformation
1 Elizabeth Barton (Holy Maid of Kent)
1.1 had prophecies against the King's marriage to Anne, started speaking out
1.2 Bishop Fisher and Archbishop Warham supported her
1.3 Dr Bocking planned on publishing her prophecies - Cromwell stopped this
1.4 Nov 1533 - sent to the tower, charged with treason
1.5 April 1534 - executed with 5 others who supported her
1.5.1 on the same day as the aristocracy had to take the Oath of Succession - acted as a warning
2 Monks (Observant Franciscans and the Carthusians)
2.1 against divorce, Royal Supremacy and Anne Boleyn
2.2 both groups are highly respected and dominant in London
2.3 both spoke out against divorce and supremacy - they are both punished
2.4 Franciscans - 7 monasteries closed down in 1535, 18 are starved to death and all monasteries closed by 1539
2.4.1 more stubborn monks are imprisoned - 30 out of 200 died in prison
2.5 Carthusians - many are executed, 6 in 1535, 18 are starved to death - all monasteries closed down by 1539
2.6 The way Henry treated the Friars created his tyrant image
3 Bishop Fisher
3.1 only Bishop to get executed
3.2 Fisher was a strong supporter of Catherine and Papal Supremacy
3.3 He was Bishop of Rochester - poorest bishopric in England, showed he was holy
3.4 Henry started to dislike him because he was outspoken about the divorce
3.5 1533/34 - he supported the Holy Maid of Kent, he was mentioned in the charge against her - threat
3.6 he was fined £300 but not executed - it's hard to execute a bishop
3.7 April 1534 - refused to take the Oath of Succession - he was put in the tower
3.8 Fisher was known by Catholics abroad
3.8.1 Chapuys told Charles V to invade
3.8.2 the Pope made him a Cardinal - made Henry furious
3.9 He was found guilty of treason and executed June 1535
3.9.1 caused outrage in Europe
4 Sir Thomas More
4.1 he puzzled historians - saint or sinner?
4.2 he had used heresy to burn protestants
4.3 1532 - resigned due Submission of the Clergy - his relationship with Henry changed (he was loyal, but only as far as his conscience allowed)
4.4 Cromwell and Cranmer tried to save him
4.5 1534 - wouldn't take Oath of Succession or Supremacy - however didn't speak out against it
4.6 Found guilty of treason - executed 1535 - caused uproar
4.7 Richard Rich have purgid evidence - lied - More represented himself
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