Oliver Cromwell

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Oliver Cromwell
1 Led the Protestant army in the English Civil War.
1.1 Made people sign the death warrant for King Charles 1.
1.1.1 He did this so that if God wanted to punish the person who signed the death warrant for killing the king he would have to punish all of them. He feared God would be angry because everyone back then believed in the divine rights of king
2 When Oliver was crowned he made everything fun illegal!
2.1 Christmas
2.2 wearing make up
2.3 going to theatre
2.4 Sports
2.5 singing
2.6 eating turkey
2.7 He believed it was all sinful!
3 Oliver Cromwell and Parliament
3.1 One of the reasons the civil war started was because Charles1 dismissed Parliament for 11 years. Well what did Oliver go and do?
3.1.1 He dismissed Parliament!
4 Oliver Cromwell was the leader of England at the end of the civil war.
4.1 Parliament then offered him king
4.1.1 He declined he felt it was wrong to bring back the monarch after all the trouble it had caused He did however allow them to give him the title Lord Protector This was basically the position of king
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