PE - Blood

Safiya Caesar
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Safiya Caesar
Created by Safiya Caesar over 6 years ago
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PE - Blood
1 The body's means of transporting substances around
1.1 Oxygen
1.2 Carbon Dioxide
1.3 Hormones
1.4 Nutrients
1.5 Minerals
1.6 Waste products
2 Red Blood Cells
2.1 AKA erythrocytes
2.2 disc shaped
2.3 Made in bone marrow
2.4 Contain haemoglobin
2.5 Transports oxygen to tissues
2.5.1 Vital for muscle contraction
2.6 More red blood cells means more oxygen carried => more energy => more muscle contractions
2.6.1 Training and living at Altitude
3 White Blood Cells
3.1 aka leucocytes
3.2 Bigger than RBC's with a large nucleus
3.3 Act as the body's defence system
3.4 Some surround and consume harmful microbes, Some produce antibodies to fight infection
4 Platelets
4.1 Formed in the red bone marrow
4.2 Produce thrombokinase which is needed for clotting
4.3 Help repair tissues and close wounds
4.4 When needed they grow into irregular shapes and stick together forming a plug over the wound
5 Plasma
5.1 The liquid part of the blood in which everything else floats
5.2 90% water
5.3 inorganic salts, glucose, urea and other waste products,plasma proteins etc
6 Blood Doping
6.1 illegally boosting your RBC count
6.2 improves performance by 20%
6.3 Can lead to dangerous blood clots and all heart problems associated with high blood pressure
6.4 Blood is removed from a performer several months before the competition


  • So their body produces more
6.4.1 The RBC's are separated from the blood and stored Just before the comp they are re-injected giving an artificially high RBC count

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