ICT - Scenario 1

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ICT - Scenario 1
1 Smart Phones
1.1 Better at communication (More ways of communication)
1.1.1 SMS
1.1.2 Video calls
1.1.3 Phone calls
1.1.4 Portable (easy to carry around)
1.1.5 Instance
2 AUP (Acceptable Use Policy)
2.1 Sign an agreement with the Terms and Condition with there equipment
2.2 Agreement of rule of using
2.3 Benefit of the employee
2.3.1 Stopping them from getting detracted
2.4 Benefit of the employer
2.4.1 Insure that they can't downloading illegal apps
2.4.2 Can't download they want
2.4.3 If they go against the AUP the employer as something against them
3 Apps
3.1 App use internet for updates
3.1.1 Internet charges the company. Company of pay for the apps they have load.
4 Diary management:
4.1 Help organized staff and business
4.2 Allow the staff to work away from the office
4.3 Allows employee to check update schedules at home and about.
5 Synchronising schedules:
5.1 Allow commutation between the office controller and technicians
6 Priority costumer
6.1 Positive
6.1.1 Better reputation for the company (getting to special customer quicker)
6.2 Negative
6.2.1 Change in schedules may clash with other previous work schedule (before priority)
7 Types of computer systems (best for portable) for working remotely
7.1 Tablet
7.2 Laptops/Netbook
7.3 Smart phone
7.4 Mobile phone
8 Connectivity:
8.1 Wifi
8.2 USB
8.3 Bluetooth
8.4 Inferred
9 Storage device
9.1 Cloud
9.2 DVD/CD
9.3 External Hardive
9.4 Internal memory
9.5 Memory card/stick
10 Communication method
10.1 Voice telephone
10.2 Social Networking
10.2.1 Blogs
10.2.2 Emails
10.3 SMS
11 Collaborative working
11.1 Shared access inserting comments tracking changes and ability to view others input
12 Monitoring employees
12.1 Positive
12.1.1 Make sure that employees are working at the right place and the right time (GPS)
12.2 Negative
12.2.1 Unethical
13 Data secured methods
13.1 Password – changing regularly– if they are known it can’t be access by unauthorised people(hackers)
13.2 Encryption – To hide personal data
13.3 Preventing data lose and corruption and theft (all above)
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