The structure of the L.O.N

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The structure of the L.O.N
1 The Council
1.1 4 Permanent members
1.1.1 Britain
1.1.2 France
1.1.3 Italy
1.1.4 Japan
1.2 Dealt with problems when not in assembly
1.3 Could put sanctions on offending states
1.4 All decisions unanimus
2 Permanent Court of justice
2.1 Consisted of 15 judges, to represent diff legal systems
2.2 Decided on disputes between countries
2.3 Helped Assembly and Council when needed
3 Agencies
3.1 Commissions and special committees
3.2 Set up to carry out lots of the L.O.N's work
3.3 Main work of Disarmament, Slavery etc
4 The Assembly
4.1 L.O.N's debating chambre
4.2 Met once a year
4.3 Each member had 1 vote
4.4 Decisions unanimous
4.5 Elected non permanent members
5 The Secreteriat
5.1 Officials paid by the L.O.N
5.2 Did all administrative work
5.3 Prepared reports for Council and Assembly
5.4 In sections: finance, drugs, health etc
5.5 Based at L.O.N headquarters, Geneva
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