Women and the vote 1914-28

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History (British Depth Study) Mind Map on Women and the vote 1914-28, created by tasnimkhan on 05/10/2014.

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Created by tasnimkhan over 5 years ago
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Women and the vote 1914-28
1 women took over mens jobs during war, proved they could do them just as well as men, women worked as bus conductors, drivers, postal workers, farm labourers, coal deliverers which were vital to keep country going, worked in munition factories and engineering workshops directly related to war effort, women joined women's branches on armed forces helping as nurses in military hospitals, women proved they were important to Britains public and home life, there was gratitude towards women
2 voting system was going to be changed anyway, rule that man could only vote after living at same address for 1 year had to be changed for men which had come back from war,
3 peoples attitudes towards women had changed, a lot of people remembered suffragettes militant tactics and felt it was unfair that women were condemned from having full political rights
4 suffragettes had called of their campaign to support war effort, no one wanted them to start campaigning again
5 Representation of the People Act 1918 - women who were over 30 and a householder or married to a householder got the vote, same act gave all men over 21 right to vote, women also able to become MPs , VOTE DIDN'T GO TO ALL WOMEN OVER 21 UNTIL 1928

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