How my finished music video conforms to the conventions of the indie rock genre


Louise Pitt
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Louise Pitt
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How my finished music video conforms to the conventions of the indie rock genre
  1. The indie genre
    1. Use of colours
      1. Performance involving an instruments
      2. Video effects
        1. Colour correction
          1. Jump cuts
            1. Altering the contrast and bright ess
            2. Lip sync
              1. Connected to the performance element
                1. Used in real arctic monkey music videos
                2. Audio
                  1. The denoiser
                    1. Remove back ground noise
                  2. Timing
                    1. Considers with the beat of the song
                      1. We used jump shots to increase speed
                      2. Transitions
                        1. Fade to black
                          1. Allows for the passing of time to be shown
                          2. Jump cuts
                            1. On the fast tempo parts of the song it allowed us to control the shot frequency in order to match it to the music video
                          3. Use of different shots
                            1. Close up
                              1. Showing close ups during the performance element of the music video allowed us to gain personal connections with the audience
                                1. This is a very prominent part of indie rock, especially in videos for songs such as "One for the Road"
                                2. Using close ups Allowed to show emotion on the faces of our actors
                                  1. This allowed us to show a connection between the lyrics and the narrative for "Mardy Bum"
                                3. Two shot
                                  1. The use of Two shots allowed us to easily show connections between two characters, thus helping to link together our narrative to our music video
                                    1. This is typically seen in the indie rock genre
                                4. Lyrics
                                  1. Shows timing skills
                                    1. By playing close attention to the lyrics during our lyric analysis we were able to match our narrative to our chosen song
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