'The strength of the monarchy in France depended on the character of the king' 1498 - 1610

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'The strength of the monarchy in France depended on the character of the king' 1498 - 1610
1 Financial Strength
1.1 Weak
1.1.1 Less prone to lavish spending of Rennaissance Monarchs
1.1.2 Financial woes stem from low Royal Authority Inability to contain Catholic Nobles leads to more, expensive war 1577 Estates General 'Cahier de Doleances' leads to 6th W.o.R 1585 Treaty of Nemours forces 8th W.o.R Huguenot Midi, Leaguer nobles, Royal Governors, Army commanders all misappropriating royal revenue Petition to the King 1579
1.2 Pragmatic
1.2.1 Financially prudent Louis XII No increase in debt: 2.4 mil 'Gens de Finances' to tackle corruption Henry IV Tight control of Royal Expenditure and that of Marie de Medici -300 mil 1598 : +15 mil 1610 'Paulette' 1604 'Chambres de justice'
1.2.2 Lessen burden on 3rd Estate LXII Reduces taille to 2.3 mil from 3.9 mil in reign on LXI Increases indirect H IV Taille reduced 18 mil to 15.8 mil Increased empahsis on indirect taxation - gabelle extended to 5/6 areas.
1.3 Assertive
1.3.1 Prone to reckless spending Cost of court 1.5 mil ecus/3 mil livres 1546 Cost of Italian war 1521-1525: 20mil livres 'Revolution in Military Affairs'
1.3.2 Amass high levels of Debt Debt roughly = regular annual income by 1517 1559 Royal Debt = 43 million
2 Support of the Nobility
2.1 Assertive Kings
2.1.1 Francis I & Henry II Strong personal loyalty despite challenging provincial privileges Rouen 1540 Albi 1538 Taillon 1549 Gabelle Bordeaux 1548 1 noble rebellion: Bourbon 1523 Seized inheritance of Seigneur de Boisy 1519, Seigneur de Bouchy 1523 Emergence of Protestantism yet no Catholic League
2.2 Weak Kings
2.2.1 Vulnerable to political faction Conspiracy of Amboise 1560
2.2.2 Nobility will undermine Treaty of Joinville 1584 Ordinances of Blois 1579
2.3 Pragmatic Kings
2.3.1 Henry IV 30 mill on bribes Abolishes Pay's d'Etat in Guyenne Biron 1601, Bouillon 1602 Not serious - both funded and encouraged by Spanish 1000 nobles profess loyalty on way to Sedan liquidises internal debts
2.3.2 Louis XII Consulsts nobility on marriage of daughter Claude, 1501 Parlementaires in Grand Conseil
3 Support of the 3rd Estate
3.1 Religious Policy
3.1.1 Day of the Barricades 1588 - weakest point for the monarchy Support given to whoever champions violent repression of Prots i.e. Guise Charles IX's gains aproval in Paris when believed to have sanctioned the St Bartholomew's Day massacre 1572
3.1.2 SNFK, Coronation vows
3.2 Economic Policy
3.2.1 Assertive/Pragmatic Kings still recieved stiff resistance to unpopular economic policies La Rochelle 1542 - Gabelle Lagny Sur Mac 1544 - Gabelle Bordeaux 1548 - Gabelle Grande Rebeyne 1529 - Lyons grain prices Poitiers and Angiers 1601, Limoges 1602 - Pancarte
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