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1 Recruitment
1.1 Why people joined
1.1.1 Sense of adventure war was supposed to be over by Christmas
1.1.2 Shame of not joining Peer Pressure Gain respect
1.1.3 Many people hadn't been abroad before
1.2 Conscription
1.2.1 Introduced because there weren't enough people joining up after Christmas 1914
1.2.2 There were to many casulties and not enough soldiers joining up to replace them
1.2.3 Battle of the Somme
1.2.4 National Registration act Men and Women aged between 16 and 65 had give details age and occupation The Derby Scheme Men promised that they would join if they were asked to and no married men would be called up. Miltiary Service act All men aged betwwen 18 and 41 had to go and fight and Men with an occupation which produced war materials didn't have to go.
2 Rationing
2.1 Tried voluntary rationing in 1917
2.2 Full rationing stated at the end of 1917
2.2.1 You were allowed 5oz Butter; 8oz Sugar; 2oz lard, 20oz meat and 8 oz Bacon
2.3 Introduced because there wasn't enough food due to German U-boats
2.4 DORA allowed the goverment to take over land in order for them to grow crops
3 Role of women during the war
3.1 Suffragists and Suffragettes stopped their campaign for votes
3.2 The White Feather campaign
3.3 Women joined the 'Land Army'
3.3.1 Worked in Munition factories making bullets and shells

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