What new philosophical and scientific ideas emerged from 1625-88?

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Molly Watson
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What new philosophical and scientific ideas emerged from 1625-88?
1 philosophy
1.1 Thomas Hobbes
1.1.1 Leviathan defended absolute sovereignity social contract people agree to surrender some of their rights to strong ruler in return for protection
1.2 John Locke
1.2.1 empiricism understanding is acquired through experience and observation
1.2.2 liberalism
1.2.3 people born free/equal, have basic human rights (life/liberty/property people should overthrow gov if it breaks social contract by undermining these rights
2 science
2.1 Francis Bacon
2.1.1 founder of scientific method (observation/measurement/experiment) replaced superstition/magical thinking w/ scientific rationalism
2.1.2 ideas applied to philosophy (by Locke) religious toleration/history
2.2 Isaac Newton
2.2.1 mathematician/astronomer/physicist who discovered gravity
2.2.2 built on ideas of earlier astronomers Copernicus/Galileo/Kepler
2.2.3 president of Royal Society 1703-27

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