OCR AS Xerophytic Adaptions

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Created by kin034 over 5 years ago
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OCR AS Xerophytic Adaptions
1 Hairy Leaves - trap water vapour as a layer of moisture
2 Sunken Stomata - found in pits to trap water vapour
3 Rolled Leaves - presence of hinge cells which reduces the surface area exposed
4 High Solute Concentration in Cells - reduces water potential inside leaves
5 Thick, Waxy Cuticle - waterproof to reduce water loss, relatively impermeable
6 Small, Needle Leaves - reduces surface area
7 Fewer Stomata - reduces diffusion of water vapour
8 Stomata on Lower Surface - less exposure to sun, reduces diffusion
9 Densely Packed Spongy Mesophyll - smaller surface area for evaporation

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