Subtopics Within Y8 History

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Subtopics Within Y8 History
1 The Reformation
1.1 The Catholic Church used to teach that after your death, your fate was decided in a large courtroom
1.1.1 You either went to Hell, Heaven or Purgatory
1.1.2 They said if you paid the Church, you could be free of all your sins and guaranteed a place in Heaven After you'd paid, you were given a slip of paper, which had been 'blessed by the Pope.' They were called indulgences
1.2 Martin Luther
1.2.1 He studied Law at Erfurt University Where he drank a lot and gambled
1.2.2 All his friends were killed and Martin suddenly found himself lost in a storm He promised himself that if he survived this storm, he would change his ways for the better This was because he was afraid of Hell
1.2.3 Luther became a monk because he believed monks were forgiven of all their sins
1.2.4 Luther wrote The 95 Theses, which explained why indulgences were wrong He nailed them to the Church door
1.2.5 Luther was excommunicated and was forced to explain his ideas to the Emperor at The Diet Of Worms
1.3 The beginnings of Protestantism
1.3.1 Although it was only intended to be a repairing if the Catholic Church
2 The Gunpowder Plot - 5th November 1605
2.1 The plot was to blow up the entire of the English governing body - including King James I
2.2 It was to be performed by Catholics
2.3 Before the reign of James, Catholics were forced to pay fines for not attending Protestant Church Services
2.3.1 James I promised to remove these fines However he changed his mind and a group of Catholics (led by Robert Catesby) decided to kill the King
2.4 The plan
2.4.1 After renting a cellar beneath the houses of Parliament, the Catholics managed to sneak 36 barrels of gunpowder into the cellar
2.4.2 On the night of Parliaments gathering, Guy Fawkes was left to light the fuse later that night
2.5 There were 14 conspirators
2.6 The result
2.6.1 After the plan had been foiled, Fawkes was arrested and a team of cavalry was sent to find the others
2.6.2 They were found in Holbeach House, where a big shootout took place
2.6.3 The 7 survivors, as well as Fawkes, were executed, the other plotters had been killed in the shootout
3 The Spanish Armada
3.1 Took place in the 1585 war between England and Spain
3.1.1 Due to a gradual worsening in relations between monarchies
3.1.2 As well as England's transformation from Catholicism to Protestantism
3.2 Phillip II of Spain sparked lots of attempts to kill Elizabeth I of England
3.2.1 This was because she had encouraged her sailors to rob Spanish ships He saw this as a war request and they both sent troops and ships into battle
3.2.2 Phillip disliked England because she sent troops to help rebels in an attempt to overthrow Phillip
3.3 Phillip sent a crescent shaped armada of ships to circle England
3.3.1 The theoretically brilliant plan failed because (due to the formation) most of the 131 ships couldn't fire.
3.3.2 The Spanish ships also failed to cope with the bad British weather and were torn apart
4 Henry VIII
4.1 The King's Matter
4.1.1 Henry's quest to end his first marriage
4.1.2 Henry wrote a letter to the Pope requesting he grant his divorce to Catherine He declined his request
4.1.3 An advisor of Henry advised he was head of the Church So he set up the Church of England Henry now had an exec use to take the Church's money to support funds elsewhere He could also divorce Catherine and marry Anne in time for the baby to be his
4.2 His 1st and 2nd Wife
4.2.1 1. Catherine of Aragon In order to end his marriage, he had to completely change the country After Catherine became too old to have children, Henry began an affair with Anne Boleyn
4.2.2 2. Anne Boleym Their relationship began as an affair After Anne became pregnant, Henry realised he must marry her in order for the child to be the heir

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