Causes of the Spanish Armada

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Causes of the Spanish Armada
1 Political
1.1 The Dutch
1.1.1 England had supported Dutch freedom fighters against the Spanish
1.2 English Raiding
1.3 Refusal to marry
1.3.1 Elizabeth had refused to marry Philip
1.4 Execution of the Queen of Scots
1.4.1 She was implicated in plot to kill Elizabeth And then executed This killed a Catholic claimant to the throne and angered Philip of Spain
2 Economic
2.1 English Raiding
2.1.1 Privateers Francis Drake Had attacked Spanish Trading Galleys Spain called for his execution Instead he was rewarded
3 Religious
3.1 Protestants vs Catholics
3.1.1 Spain was Catholic
3.1.2 England was Protestant
3.1.3 This problem was amplified The Thirty Years War was only twenty years away Religious Tension was at an all-time high
4 Personal Causes
4.1 Elizabeth was a fiercely independent monarch
4.1.1 She was unmarried This limited chances of strong alliances
4.2 Spain was at the height of its power
4.2.1 They could easily outproduce and defeat England if need be
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