Why is Alfred called 'The Great'


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Why is Alfred called 'The Great'
  1. Fairness
    1. Alfred made Good and Fair laws and recorded it in the 'Book of Dooms'
      1. He had a council called 'The Witan who advised and helped him.
        1. The Witan could choose the next king if there were no heirs.
        2. He tried to govern well and fairly
        3. Education
          1. He founded schools
            1. Rebuilt monastries
              1. Brought talented European scholars and craftsmen to be teachers to everyone
                1. He personally had a very good education and was intelligent
                  1. He loved to read books and learn poems
                    1. He memorized a book and recited it to his mother to get the book
                    2. He had books translated from Latin to English
                    3. Protection
                      1. He built forts and walled towns throughout the country, known as BURHS
                        1. He had a STRONG Navy
                          1. He split the FRYRD into 2 parts: some stayed home farming and the rest were ready to fight the Vikings
                            1. He did this so that they were never unprotected
                              1. This was so that when it was harvest time they had people growing their crops, so they didn't run out of food
                            2. Peacemaker
                              1. Alfred made peace with the Vikings
                                1. Treaty of Wedmore
                                  1. AD886
                                    1. England was divide into two
                                    2. With Danish King Guthrum
                                      1. Guthrum and his army would leave Wessex
                                        1. Important Vikings were left behind as Hostages, in case the Vikings came back they could blackmail them.
                                          1. Guthrum would become a Christian
                                          2. He only had to defeat the Danelaws
                                        2. He was the King of ALL English
                                          1. The south west-Saxon Law
                                        3. Leadership
                                          1. Defeated the Danes, led by Guthrum,in Battle at Edington in 878
                                            1. Unexpected success
                                            2. He fought Vikings even when all hope was lost!
                                              1. Needs to be optimistic and encourage his warriors
                                              2. He was very young but still wise
                                                1. He fought the Vikings most of his life
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