What Data Is Missing?


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What Data Is Missing?
  1. Occupancy levels
    1. Classical Decomposition. Set price from demand.
    2. Average Room Rate
      1. Can calculate the contribution single/twin/master rooms make to over all revenue
      2. Revenue Per Room
        1. Can calculate the contribution single/twin/master rooms make to over all revenue
        2. Asking/Deal prices
          1. If want to expand etc
          2. Growth
            1. Of the industry, increase/decrease Should it invested in?
            2. Map
              1. Whats in the local area? eg. Theatre - advertise a theatre deal etc.
              2. Statistics on Visitors
                1. Business/Leisure. Increase/Decrease.
                2. Costs of buildings
                  1. If want to expand etc.
                  2. Details about loans
                    1. Could they get one? What would the payback period be etc.
                    2. Competitor hotels data
                      1. Are our prices competitive?
                      2. Booking(s) data
                        1. How was it booked? Who books etc.
                        2. Online receipt
                          1. Good/bad. Tripadvior. Tweeted about etc.
                          2. Revenue breakdown
                            1. Are rooms bringing in the most revenue or the bar/restaurant?
                            2. Longtitudal data
                              1. Of tourism, and hotel data, increase/decrease over the years. should it be invested in?
                              2. Regional Data
                                1. Good idea to invest etc?
                                2. Market Share
                                  1. Of this hotel. Competitiors hotel etc.
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