The Plains Indians (The Sioux)

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GCSE History (American West) Mind Map on The Plains Indians (The Sioux), created by nicola.98 on 05/21/2014.

Created by nicola.98 over 5 years ago
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The Plains Indians (The Sioux)
1 Lifestyle
1.1 Nomadic
1.2 Tipi
1.2.1 Travois Made in 10 minutes
1.2.2 Circle shape
1.3 Polygamy
1.3.1 So that women would always have someone to look after them
1.4 People
1.4.1 Men Warriors Boys taught to be warriors Men decorated the Tipi
1.4.2 Women Girls taught how to provide for the family Women cooked, cleaned and made clothes They did most of the work Handled the Buffalo
1.4.3 Elderly Exposure
1.5 Councils and Chiefs
1.5.1 Chief had no power
1.5.2 Council of the Nation You didn't have to follow their decisions
2 War
2.1 Raids
2.1.1 Short, sharp
2.1.2 Changed to stealing horses
2.1.3 On horseback Painted stripes on the horses To make them go faster
2.1.4 Started with bows and arrows, then guns
2.2 Enemies
2.2.1 Scalped them To prevent meeting them in the afterlife Hung the scalps on the Tipis
2.2.2 Counting Coup Touch enemy with stick, and run away Braver than killing the enemy You could have killed them, but you didn't
2.2.3 Only killed when necessary
2.3 Feathers show success
3 Animals
3.1 Horses
3.1.1 Currency
3.1.2 Warfare changed to stealing horses
3.2 Buffalo
3.2.1 Hunting Stampede off cliff Dress up as wolves Sneak up on them Only ever killed what they needed to
3.2.2 Uses Poo used as fuel Heart buried (to give it back to the earth) Clothes Tipi Bowls and plates They used every part of the Buffalo
4 Religion
4.1 Dances
4.1.1 Buffalo dance Before a hunt Call the Buffalo
4.1.2 Ghost Dance Wovoka If everyone started dancing, their ancestors would come back. They would help defeat the Whites
4.1.3 Sun dance
4.2 Spirits
4.2.1 The Great Spirit Wakan Tanka
4.2.2 Everything has a spirit You can't own land
4.2.3 Bury dead in Black Hills Closest to Wakan Tanka
4.3 Circles
4.3.1 Everything was in circles Tipis Councils
4.4 Visions
4.4.1 To get their names Interpreted by Shaman (Medicine Man)
4.4.2 Girls Had a vision automatically When they got their period
4.4.3 Boys Starved Put under pain Near death

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