GSCE Geography Unit 2 Human

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GSCE Geography Unit 2 Human
1 Tourism
1.1 The Butler Model
1.1.2 Shows the life cycle of a certain tourist place or Honeypot site.
1.2 Blackpool Case Study
1.2.1 Problems Stag and Hen dues are causing families to go away from the area B&Bs are struggling to have people staying fares could be as low as £10 Cheap air travel and the growing popularity of holidays abroad
1.2.2 Management £1 million pounds been injected to improve services New theme and water park The ball room hosting events like stricley come dancing
1.3 Mass tourism
1.3.1 When tourism is on a wider scale
1.3.2 Mass tourism in an LEDC- Kenya Natinal parks and tourist attractions are creating jobs and money for the Local people and buisness Creates pollution and damage to the wildlife and habitat
1.4 Eco-Tourism
1.4.1 Masi Mara Base Camp Costs alot to build Uses local people and local buiseness for supplies Uses renewable energy sources
1.4.2 A way in which tourism does not effect or damage the environment and the local peoples way of life
1.5 Tourism in Extreme Environments
1.5.1 Extreme environments is an environment which is makes human survival hard or difficult which therefore attracts adrenaline seekers.
1.5.2 Antarctica Damages environment Strict Guidlines Only allowed 500 people per ship to enter the country
1.6 National Parks
1.6.1 Lots of traffic created
1.6.2 Footpath erosion and can ruin the landscape
1.6.3 jobs and local buiseness benefit buy getting money for the local econemy
1.6.4 Leaving gates open and people trampling on farmers crops makes them lose money
1.6.5 Management strategies More carparks lower speed limits money injected to improve footpaths to avoid farmers fields and gates Footpath Zoning
1.6.6 Honeypot sites
2 Globalisation
2.1 TNCs
2.1.1 Toyota Burnaston Created jobs for local people Lost farm and rural land Near to important road links
2.1.2 Trans National Corporations
2.1.3 China Creates jobs Causes a lot of polution Cheap labour Strikes less common workers get abused and bad working conditions are common Access to raw materials
2.1.4 Improvements in technology make TNCs able to communicate between different countries.
2.2 Motorsport Valley UK
2.2.1 Near sliverstone and important road and air links
2.2.2 Companies can trade and share ideas also they can trade and share parts
2.2.3 Creates jobs
2.3 Impacts
2.3.1 Positive Creates Jobs Money and services are bought to the country Better access to products from counties around the world
2.3.2 Negative Pollution Countryside/forests for resouces workers have bad working conditions and are being abused. Management Techniques Wind farms in UK - Cefn Croes Wales Creates a renewable energy source Windest country in the world Kyoto protocol Ruins landscape and creates visual pollution Carbon Credits
2.4 Technology advances
2.4.1 Shipping containers and air travel means products can be shipped anywhere in the world faster and easier
2.4.2 Comunication and internet has meant that TNCs can communicate between different factories and countrys
3 Population
3.1 Demographic transition model
3.1.1 Tells different stages of birth and death rates of a country.
3.1.2 Stage 4 the death rate and the birth rate is low due to people choosing to have less children and have children later in life Stage 2 the death rate is decreasing due to the country getting better health care and improving way of life. Stage 3 the need for children is decreaasing as the countrys population is increasing due to less people working on farms and getting better jobs and the need for lots of children decreases. Stage 1 High birth and death rates common in LEDC countrys with bad health care and poverty. Stage 5 the birth rate goes below the death rate therefore the population starts to decrease.
3.1.3 Birth control Kerala India Improved health care and education for women Makes the cost for child care higher Free contreception and family planning China's one child policy restrictions on benefits and fines if you have more than one child Increase in girls for adoption and an increase in abortions due to familys wanting a traditional boy in the family later the policy was allowed you to have a 2nd child if you own or work in farms or rural areas
3.2 Imigration
3.2.1 Push factors Factors which are making people immigrate from a country.
3.2.2 Pull factors Factors which are making an area a popular area to immigrate too.
3.2.3 case studies Poland to the uk Pull factors Blue collar jobs allow all migrants to have jobs that they are eger to do Can make money for the family back home Push Factors Unemployment creates poverty Bad governments which cause tension and unsetttled livelyhood However racism and anti migrants become more frequent as this becomes more popular Africa to the EU Pull factors Jobs and the short distance to travel to reach the destination Push factors bad goverments means tension and violence is created Starvation and poverty are common in africa and unemployment means it is hard for everyone to get jobs to feed familys. Management Coastal guards use radar to detect people crossing
3.2.4 Migration is the movement of people from one place to another
3.3 Population Pyramids
3.3.1 LEDC
3.3.2 MEDC
3.4 Ageing Population
3.4.1 Happens when the birth rate goes lower than the death rate therefore creating alot of elderly people who are retired and need services
3.4.2 Management Strategies Raising the retirement age Lowering the cost of childcare Restricting medical treatments to elderly people