What is History?


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What is History?
  1. History is the study of past events, particularly in human affairs
    1. History is really important because it helps us understand why we live the way we are living and why we are where we are as a species and country.
    2. What is time?
      1. We divide time into different stages
        1. Every ten years
          1. Decade
          2. One hundred years
            1. Century
            2. One thousand years
              1. Millennium
              2. Before Christ
                1. B.C
                2. After Christ
                  1. A.D
                  2. Periods
                    1. Separate divisions of time
                    2. Chronological is when you arrange events in order of time, with what happened longest ago first, and the most recent last
                  3. How to work out the century when you are given a year
                    1. If its a four digit number you take the last to numbers and you add one
                      1. If you only have one digit you just subtract it by one
                    2. What are sources
                      1. Sources are the clues that tell us about the past
                        1. E.g: How people used to live or what they thought
                          1. Sources can be anything from the past
                          2. All sorts of things can be sources
                            1. Documents
                              1. (written sources)
                              2. Pictures
                                1. Buildings
                                  1. Artefacts
                                    1. An artefact is a source, it is usually an object or a building an object or a building, an artefact is never a written source, an oral source or a picture source
                                    2. Skeletons
                                2. What is Bias?
                                  1. Bias is putting across an unfair or one sided opinion
                                    1. Being biased could sometimes be useful to historians because it helps them lean more about people's opinions and beliefs .
                                      1. Spotting bias is a skill that all historians need to develop
                                  2. Primary and secondary sources
                                    1. Primary source
                                      1. A primary source comes directly from the time in History we are studying
                                      2. Secondary source
                                        1. A secondary source is about the time we are studying, but it's written or created some time after the event
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