American West: Plains Indians

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American West: Plains Indians
1 Tipi
1.1 Taken up and down within 10 minutes
1.2 Insulating
1.3 Flaps to let out smoke and heat in summer
1.4 Poles of Tipi used to join Tipi to horses to drag everything along
2 Beliefs about warfare
2.1 Reasons
2.1.1 To steal horses
2.1.2 Seek revenge
2.1.3 Destroy their enemies
2.2 Not afraid to run away
2.3 Weapons
2.3.1 Lance
2.3.2 Shield
2.3.3 Bow and arrow
2.3.4 Rifle
2.4 Warfare
2.4.1 Counting coup
2.4.2 Taking scalps
2.4.3 Wearing feathers
3 Buffalo
3.1 Bladders used as food bags
3.2 Nomadic
3.3 Hide used for clothing and covering tips of Tipis
3.4 Dried Buffalo dung = fuel
3.5 Dried Buffalo meat stored to be used by Indians in winter
4 The Sioux
4.1 Marraige
4.1.1 Polygamy practiced
4.1.2 Women cared for - often more women than men
4.1.3 Lots of children for future generations
4.1.4 Often married between 12-15
4.2 Men & women
4.2.1 Men hunt buffalo and care for horses
4.2.2 Women maintenance of Tipis
4.2.3 Women care for children, cook, gather food and firewood
4.2.4 Women made various things e.g. clothes and baskets
4.3 Old People
4.3.1 Respected, wise and experienced
4.3.2 Sometimes became chiefs or council members
4.3.3 When too old and slowed down band, left behind by group
4.4 Cultures & traditions
4.4.1 Counting Coup
4.4.2 Scalping
4.5 Chiefs & council
4.5.1 Indian councils made up of men who were old and experienced or brave
4.5.2 Chief was elected member of council
4.5.3 Chief would make decisions
4.5.4 Chief would hold meetings in which they would smoke Smoking thought to be sacred, bring them closer to spirits
4.6 Children
4.6.1 Respected members of the Sioux
4.6.2 Learned by copying adults
4.6.3 Rarely punished
4.6.4 Men expected to join warrior society
5 The Sioux: Religion
5.1 Wakan Tanka
5.1.1 Spirit
5.1.2 Created the world and all that lives
5.2 Spirits
5.2.1 Believed everything was alive
5.2.2 Spirits were their Gods who they worshipped and gave offerings to
5.3 Circles
5.3.1 Symbolic
5.3.2 Everything to them was circular
5.3.3 Sat in circles, making them closer to the spirits
5.4 Sacred land
5.4.1 Believed land was their mother
5.4.2 Born from the land
5.4.3 Go back to land when they die
5.4.4 Black Hills sacred because of story of creation
5.5 Visions
5.5.1 Interpret by the Medicine Man
5.5.2 How they contacted spirits
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