Rowlatt Acts - 1917

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Rowlatt Acts - 1917
1 Mr S.A.T Rowlatt
1.1 Scottish Judge
1.2 Investigate Revolutionary Consipracies
2 Rowlatt Commission
2.1 Isolated centes of 'revolutionary activity'
2.1.1 Bengal
2.1.2 Bombay
2.1.3 Punjab
2.1.4 Wartime Controls Inprisonment without Trial Trial with no Jury Censorship House arrest of suspects
3 Sanctioned by Montagu
3.1 Reluctance
4 Jinnah resigned in protest
4.1 Indian Legislative Council
4.1.1 All members opposed
5 All promises made by Chelmsford-Montagu meaningless
6 British Gov't prepared to crush Indian Opposition
7 British - no intention of relaxing their grip on India
8 Came close to wrecking 1919 Gov't of India act.
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