Putting the Case Study in Context

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Care in Families: Why it matters
Block 1 end of unit check lists
Experiencing Family Care
GCSE Maths Symbols, Equations & Formulae
Andrea Leyden
Ionic Bonding
Evangeline Taylor
Block 1 Key Points
Maslows Hierarchy of needs
Social care, Who pays?, Who decides?
Entering the world of social care
Being Ill
Putting the Case Study in Context
1 6 million people provide unpaid care, around 12%
1.1 68% care for up to 19hpw
1.2 11% care for between 20-49hpw
1.3 21% care for over 50hpw
2 58% are women, 42 % men
3 51% care for someone they share a home with
4 57% provide help with mobility
5 22% give medicines
6 71% provide other help
7 70% of those on the recieveing end are over the age of 65
8 38% care for parents
9 18% care for spouses or partners
10 Young people who recive care often have the same feeling as an older person
10.1 Feeling a burden
10.1.1 Over protected adb cinstrained by their families
10.2 Fear
10.2.1 over a future when parents are no longer around to care for them
10.3 Isolation
10.3.1 Dont go out, there fore have no friends, limited visitors due to disability
10.4 Choice
10.4.1 Varies on individual, some fight to be able to socialise, where as others except that this is teh way it is going to be
10.4.2 asserting their need to develop own indempendence
11 Hussain et all (2002)
11.1 Young Asian disabled people
12 Parents caring for children
12.1 Determined to look after themsleves, know help is there
12.2 mistake of doing everything for her, made it too easy
12.3 Tried to make him independent
12.4 Family can ancipate the worse 'why did you bring her here'
12.5 Relucatnt of community to help and support unlike Pakistan

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