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1 Poland were defeated in 1 month. (Blitzkrieg)
2 Germany took Paris early may 1940.
3 Britain sent 300,000 men who were forced to retreat to the beaches at Dunkirk.
4 26th May - 4th June 1940.
5 How Britain wanted to portray the battle:
5.1 That the British were doing well and it was ongoing.
5.2 Well organised, no chaos - implying the government were instructing them well.
5.3 Boats were being sunk from the air - shows heroism.
5.4 The danger (smoke and explosions) were far away, and the soldiers weren't being harmed - for morale.
5.5 People from home were bringing their boats (rowing boats...) to help bring the army home.
6.1 338,000 British and French troops evacuated from Dunkirk. The original target was 50,000.
6.2 860 naval + privately owned vessels (ships) carried troops to Dover + South Coast.
6.3 RAF provided air cover against Goering's Luftwaffe - saving BEF lives.
6.4 Luftwaffe + artillery bombardment troops: heroically evacuated and a morale booster for the British.
7.1 68,000 BEF casulties
7.2 1,200 field guns, 1,250 anti-aircraft guns, 11,000 machine guns and 75,000 vehicles abandoned (inc. 475 tanks) were taken from the British.
7.3 Germans fully expected Britain to make peace.
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