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Causes of Wyatt's rebellion, 1554


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Causes of Wyatt's rebellion, 1554
  1. Political
    1. Opposition to Mary's marriage to Philip of Spain
      1. Wyatt appealed to patriotism and Spanish xenophobia which was a better way of gaining support than religion
        1. Wyatt's rebels couldn't attend court because they were Protestant and so had to rebel
        2. Religious
          1. All the leaders had Protestant credentials
            1. Carew was a devout Protestant
              1. Wyatt didn't want to use religion to gain support
                1. Said it would "withdraw us form the hearts of many"
                2. Difficult to distinguish between religious and political motivations
                  1. Ever since the Reformation, the religious views of the monarch influenced court politics
                  2. John Ponet, recently deprived Bishop of Winchester, was among Wyatt's advisers during the rebellion
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