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    1. value of british exports halved
      1. put industrial areas in poverty
      2. unemployment doubled to 20%
        1. public spending cut, taxes raised
          1. depressed the economy
          1. unemployed and workers in badly affected industries protested
            1. regularly marched to london
              1. organised by National Unemployed Workers' movement
                1. tried to make a point that unemployed weren't lazy
                2. UNEMPLOYMENT IN 1930'S
                  1. highest in coal, iron and steel, cotton and shipbuilding industries
                    1. 34.5% of miners were unemployed
                      1. unemployment was not spread equally
                        1. 80% new factories built in London
                          1. employment kept up in London
                        2. THE NATIONAL GOVERNMENT
                          1. cut benefit rate by 10%
                            1. passed laws to help the unemployed
                            2. GOVERNMENT REACTION TO UNEMPLOYMENT
                              1. government in debt
                                1. depression made it hard to borrow money
                                  1. made huge spending cuts e.g. cutting wages of workers by 10-15%
                                  2. MEANS TEST
                                    1. allowed officials to go to benefit claimers homes to see if they were poor enough
                                      1. found out family savings and earnings of benefit claimers
                                      2. EMPLOYMENT EXCHANGE
                                        1. go at least once a week to register as looking for work and to collect money
                                          1. those not on benefit had to go through means test to prove they were poor enough
                                          2. PROBLEMS IN JARROW
                                            1. had grown with the rise of shipbuilding but was in serious decline
                                              1. Jarrow council decided to petition to parliament asking for new ships
                                                1. ????
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