Causes of the Northern Rebellion, 1569

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Causes of the Northern Rebellion, 1569
1 Political
1.1 The Northern Earls had their power taken away from them by the establishment of the Council of the North
1.2 Earls disliked Elizabeth's "new men"
1.2.1 Eg Earl of Sussex made President of the Council of the North
1.3 Northumberland was deprived of his position under Elizabeth
1.4 Fletcher argues; "political resentment... was more important in attracting support to it than hatred of Protestantism"
2 Economic
2.1 The crown would not accept Northumberland's right to claim profits from copper mines discovered on his estates
2.2 The nobility saw their land's confiscated, including Northumberland
3 Religious
3.1 Rebels carried banner of the Five Wound's of Christ
3.2 Rebels forced mass at Durham Cathedral and destroyed Protestant objects
3.3 Mary's arrival acted as a spark to the rebellion
3.4 2/4 of the leaders, Thomas Markenfeld and Dr Morton had just returned from trips which supported the Catholic Counter-Reformation
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