Russian civil war 1918-21

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Russian civil war 1918-21
1 Why?
1.1 CA closed down after one day - end of the idea of democracy. The Russians wanted democracy and were prepared to fight against the Bolsheviks to achieve this.
1.2 Sovnarkom was a Bolshevik-led government in October, but the Mensheviks and SRs in it were ignored and formed opposition against the Bolsheviks which was required for a war to start
1.3 Many felt that the Bolsheviks had not helped them quickly enough. There was still food shortages especially after BL and the loss of Ukraine
2 Who fought whom?
2.1 REDS
2.1.1 Bolsheviks (became Communists) Fighting for survival
2.2.1 Opposition to the Bolsheviks, (general Denikin, Yudenich and Kolchak They did not like the Bolsheviks or their Communist ideas
2.3.1 National minorites (such as Georgia) They were seeking independence from the Bolsheviks
2.4.1 Russia's ex-allies (Britain, France, USA, Japan) Lenin had withdrawn from the war and signed treaty of BL Bolsheviks cancelled payment of all loans given to Russia by the allies Britain, France and USA feared spread of Communism to their own countries
3 What?
3.1 Spring 1918
3.1.1 Civil war began
3.2 1919 defeats for reds
3.2.1 General Yudenich, with British support attacked from NW and threatened Petrograd
3.2.2 General Denikin supported mainly by French threatened the South, especially Ukraine
3.2.3 With British support, Admiral Kolchak attacked from the East
3.3 1919
3.3.1 Due to leadership and organisation of Trotsky, and the weaknesses and divisions of the Whites, the tide began to turn (Yudenich and Denikin were both defeated)
3.4 1920
3.4.1 Kolchak himself was shot
4 Effects on the people
4.1 War Communism
4.2 Resistance e.g Krondstadt Mutiny
4.3 Red Terror
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