Ancient China

Clara Freeman
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higher than you History (Ancient) Mind Map on Ancient China, created by Clara Freeman on 06/03/2014.

Clara Freeman
Created by Clara Freeman over 5 years ago
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Ancient China
1 Geography
1.1 2200BCE-1912CE
1.2.1 North = Gobi desert dry, hard to live
1.2.2 East =seas (South China, Yellow) protection
1.2.3 West = mountains (Himalayas) cold, no food
1.2.4 South = subtropical rainforests
1.2.5 The rivers = cradle of civilisation fertile soils= big population
1.3 Varied climate as of big land area
2 Society
2.1 Wealth
2.1.1 Emperor and Imperial family Scholars, Eunuchs and officals Merchants Artisans and Craftsmen Peasants and Farmers
2.2 Respect
2.2.1 Emperor and Imperial Family Scholars, Eunuchs and officals(Shi) Peasants and Farmers(Nong) Artisans and Craftsmen(Gong) Merchants (Shang)
2.3 Soldiers not in hieroarchy
3 Government and Law
3.1 They traded using the silk road
3.2 The imperial family ruled by the social hierarchy
3.3 The emperor
3.3.1 Was always male
3.3.2 Family rule = dynasty
3.3.3 Important, powerful, respect
3.3.4 He was Head of state Leader of milatry Chief Judge Moral and ethical guide highest priest
3.3.5 First emperor was Qin Shi Huang Di
4 Beliefs and Values
4.1 Buddhism
4.1.1 Founded by Indian Prince,
4.1.2 Tried to reach Nivarna
4.1.3 teachings 1st centurary BC
4.2 Daoism
4.2.1 spiritual and nautre
4.2.2 One with life= live forever
4.2.3 Have equal Yin and Yang
4.3 Confuscianism
4.3.1 way of thinking/code of behaviour Peace and happiness
4.4 Overview
4.4.1 Worshiped their ancestors
4.4.2 religions varied popularity
4.4.3 Made deities happy
4.5 Ancestor Worship
4.5.1 contact gods through spirits of their ancestors
4.5.2 humans are made of 2 parts Po=physical Nun=spiritual
4.5.3 Oracle bones =ask questions
4.6 Religious Belief
4.6.1 Sky = chaos earth = sustained
4.6.2 Stars
5 Legacies
5.1 Great Wall of China
5.1.1 Gun powder
5.1.2 Paper and printing
5.2 Terracotta Warriors
5.3 Cuisine
5.4 Magnetic Compass
5.5 Seismograph
5.6 Rudder
5.7 machenical clock
5.8 Acupunture
5.9 Herbal medicines
5.10 Matches
5.11 Umbrella
5.12 Kite
5.13 wheelbarrow

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