The Civil War - 1642

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The Civil War - 1642
1 3 Major Battles
1.1 1. Edge Hill - 1642
1.2 2. Marston Moor - 1644
1.3 3. Naseby - 1645
2 How Armies The Fought
2.1 Pikeman
2.1.1 CARRIED: Pikes between 12 - 18 feet long
2.1.2 DURING CAVALRY CHARGE: Pikeman aimed their pikes at the chest of oncoming horses
2.1.3 Musketeers sheltered behind and between them
2.2 Musketeers
2.2.1 CARRIED: Matchlock
2.2.2 Matchlock was not very accurate- could kill a man from 3 hundred yards
2.2.3 Main Disadvantage of Matchlock - It took TIME to reload after each shot
2.2.4 State of Medical welfare at that time - any shot wound would probably result in the soldier dying SOLUTION: Musketeers (in front of line) fired their matchlocks and then retired back to reload
2.2.5 ANOTHER STRATEGY: The First line of them were KNEELING, Second line (CROUCHING), Third line (STANDING) Three line of Musketeers fired at the same time. After Firing,these men went back and were replaced by next three lines
3 Sides
3.1 Roundheads - Parliament
3.2 Cavailers- Royalists (supporter of King Charles 1st)
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