Schools of Thought

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Schools of Thought
1 Behaviorism
1.1 Skinner
1.1.1 Operant Conditioning response to stimulus is reinforced
1.2 Pavlov
1.2.1 Classical Conditioning Natural reflexive response to stimuli
1.3 Tabula Raza
1.3.1 Blank Slate
1.4 Language performance
1.5 Emphasis on structure
1.6 Teacher Centered
1.6.1 Break down skills
1.6.2 Feedback and reinforcement
1.6.3 Skill based
1.6.4 Instructional cues
1.6.5 Memorization
1.6.6 Grammar Translation Method
2 Cognitivism
2.1 Intrinsic learning
2.1.1 Innate predisposition LAD UG
2.2 Acquired information
2.2.1 Systematic goverened Rules
2.3 Student directed learning
2.3.1 Students explore possible response patterns
2.4 Teacher assiste learners
2.4.1 Explain
2.4.2 Demonstrtate
2.4.3 Corrective feedback
2.4.4 Links information to prior knowledge
2.5 Focus on Language competence with an emphasis on meaning
2.5.1 Whole language approach
2.5.2 Analytical
2.5.3 Communication based
2.6 Learn or acquire language using strategies
3 Constuctivism
3.1 Interpretation of the world
3.1.1 Experiences and Social Interactions
3.2 Authentic
3.2.1 Knowledge embedded in context
3.3 Transfer application
3.3.1 Flexible use of knowledge
3.4 Meaning imposed by individual
3.5 Focus on the process of learning
3.5.1 Teacher as mentor Modelling coaching scaffolding exploration Encourage reflexion and thinking
3.5.2 Student is active learner Colaborative Inquiry baded Authentic Interpret the world based on experiences

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