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RE revision
1 Hinduism
1.1 The religion is also known as Sanatana-dharma
1.2 It is the dominant religion of the Indian sub-religion which consists of many diverse traditions
1.3 They have a system of gods which consists of the trimurti and their avatars, hindu's do have only one god though and he is called Brahman
1.4 There is a hindu worship which is usually done at home with the family, this is called Puja.It is where they get a tray with instruments on it


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1.4.1 The bell
1.4.2 The pot of water
1.4.3 Incence
1.4.4 the Arti lamp or candle
1.4.5 the spoon for offering
1.4.6 Sandle wood paste
2 Sikhism
3 Christianity
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