Blood Brothers Mrs Johnstone

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GCSE English Literature Mind Map on Blood Brothers Mrs Johnstone, created by dannijw on 05/20/2013.

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Blood Brothers Mrs Johnstone
1 25 years old at start of play
1.1 Already has 7 children
1.1.1 Naturally maternal
1.1.2 Embraces new life
1.1.3 Caring Finds it hard to discipline children
1.1.4 Hinting religious reasons against contreception
1.2 Old before her time
2 Makes rash decisions
2.1 Buying things she cant afford
3 Strong and generous
3.1 Knows whats right and wrong
3.2 Circumstances make it hard for her to be a good person
4 Uneducated
4.1 Why she is superstitious
4.2 Lack of concern for education in he children
5 Lively
5.1 Love of dancing
5.2 Follows instinct
6 Accepts things as they happen
6.1 Fate
7 Poor
7.1 Difficult to care for children
7.2 Reason she gives eddie away
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