Pitt foreign Policies

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A level History Note on Pitt foreign Policies, created by krysta Ablethorpe on 09/21/2018.

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krysta Ablethorpe
Created by krysta Ablethorpe about 1 year ago
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Britain international condition non-realistic, humiliated after losing America  bad relations with France  isolated by 7 years war (the European War) Britain only had few European country trading with  Pitt wanted to expand British Trading Spain, Portugal, France and Russia European power- no trading policies international relationship freer trade policies Ireland trade treaty but dropped in 1786 as fears foreign traders would upset the British economy Eden treaty with France signed 1786 and kept until 1793 (war with France) Treaties with Russia, Spain, Portugal, France, Holland, Poland and two Kingdom Siciles- all failed except treaties with France (vergenne treaty 1787) Anglo-Dutch treaty- treaty with the Dutch created a good relationship with Prussia try to end the Russo-Turkism war- to encourage extended commerical trading  Pitt was the first PM to realize that Middle East important to relationship with India