Lecture 1 Intro to Embryo

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Intro to Embryo

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Introduction to Embryology - Lecture 1

Development:The discipline that studies all processes relating to how a multicellular organism forms from a single cell and how that organism: -maintains tissue homeostasis (stem cells and regeneration) -adapts to its environment -produces other single cells that subsequently propagate the species (germ line) -ages -evolves as a species

Textbook definition: The process of progressive and continuous change that generates a complex multicellular organism from a single cell. Development occurs throughout embryogenesis, maturation to the adult form, and continues into senescence.The process of deterioration with age.

Zygote: A fertilized egg. Diploid chromosome from Haploid female and haploid male cell. Embryo: A developing organism prior to birth/hatching. Embryology: The study of organism development from fertilization to birth.

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