Nirtogen Cycle

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A2 Biology (Nutrient Cycles) Note on Nirtogen Cycle, created by Matty Hudson on 02/27/2014.

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Nitrogen required to build proteinsNitrogen is part of bases that make amino acids

78% of atmosphere is Nitrogen

Most organisms cannot use nitrogen gas directly

Plants take in nitrogen in the form of nitrate ions


Ammonification- production of ammonia when saprobiotic organisms feed on dead organims releases ammonia which form ammonium ions

Nitrification- production of nitrite ions from ammonium.Carried out by nitrifying bacteria

Dentrification conversion of nitrate ions back to gas nitrogen by dentrifying bacteria

Nitrogen Fixation- conversion of nitrogen gas into nitrate ions. Carried out by 2 types of bacteria

Free living N.F.B- gas to ammonia

Mutualistic N.F.B- create a symbiotic relationship with plant living on nodules of roots. They take carbs from plants and in return give the plant amino acids for growth

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