Peasants Revolt Paragraph - Why it broke out

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The Peasants were unhappy in 1381 because they had to pay Poll Tax, 4 pence or 5 pence, a tax that had risen in price and the times had changed, normally it was given every 3-4 years (Lords and Ladies paid the same). But now it was 5 taxes collected in 4 years, The Peasants also had to do Work Service, which meant that they were working harder for free, they would get arrested forsaking for money!

1. Whose house did they break into?  John of Cavendish                                                                        7. How much did they say the sword was worth?  100 Marks                         2. What sort of things were there?  Candle Stick, coats and jackets3. Why were they angry?  They were being charged taxes4. What was the name of their leader?  John Ball5. Where in the church were the 'expensive things' they talked about?  In the Church Tower1. Where was Owen's Tavern located?  Longmilford2. What did Owen say of the peasants behaviour?  Rowdy and Loud3. What town did the Peasants end up at?  Bury St. Edmunds4. Whose house did they attack?  John of Cambridge5. Who did they say was the 'third most powerful man in England?'  John of Cavendish6. What was the name of the tax he was enforcing?  Poll Tax

1. What was the name of the man who seized John of Cavendish?  John Pedda2. What was the name of the lady who kicked the object away?  Katherine Gavin3. Where had her sister travelled from? Norwich4. What weapon was used to kill the man?  An axe5. What did the man who lifted un the dead man's head say?  'Justice is done'1.

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