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FORENSICLatin Forensis: forum or court Forensic: for judicial or court purposes/ suitable for courtForensic investigation: purpose of ending up in courtForensic investigator: take the matter to court, where guilt will be determined.METHODGreek origin: meta(after) + hodos (a way)method: systematic or orderly procedurescientific method: body of techniques for investigating phenomena, find explanation, make deduction, possibilities formulated. Way of doing something or what to do. TECHNIQUEGreek origin: techne (an art)Technique: systematic procedure used to accomplish specific activity.Technique: expert method of execution or manner of performanceTechnique: systematic search for the truthFORENSIC TACTICSTACTICTactic: art of disposing troops or warships especially for or in battleTactic: conceptual action to achieve specific objectiveTactic: actions or procedure followed during investigative process. TACTMain meaning: skillful way in which a difficult situation is dealt with / diplomatic way and avoiding confrontation. Tact: acute sensitivity for what is proper and appropriate

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