Social and Economic Effects of Earthquakes

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Earthquakes seldom kill, but the effects of collapsing building, fire and disease can cause hundreds of thousands of casualties. Housing and industrial buildings are damaged, communications dislocated, and services disrupted, often for many years after the earthquake. The local economy suffers just at the time that money is needed for rebuilding. Each country responds differently depending on its wealth, infrastructure, climate and geography. These are some of the considerations:

Before the earthquake: Frequency and magnitude of earthquakes in the area Quality of forward planning and training

During the earthquake: Population density and number of people affected Magnitude of the earthquake and the proximity to the epicentre

The rescue: Quality of the emergency services - fire, search and rescue teams, policing the area Availability of medical services and supplies Availability of emergency food and water, shelter and sanitation Viability of communications

The aftermath: Healthcare, hygiene and sanitation Restoration of water and electricity Rebuilding costs, amterials and labour Employment opportunities

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