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Care in Families: Why it matters
Block 1 end of unit check lists
Experiencing Family Care
GCSE Maths Symbols, Equations & Formulae
el centro comercial
Nicholas Guardad
Block 1 Key Points
Maslows Hierarchy of needs
Social care, Who pays?, Who decides?
Entering the world of social care
Being Ill

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Block 1 Unit 1   Care in families   What do family carers do   Who counts as a carer   Getting to grips with family care   Experiencing family care   What is it like to care   What affects care relationships   Wife, mother, daughter, carer   The other side of the relationship: what is it like to be cared for?   Asking for help   The complexities of caring    Putting the case study in context   Cares: some facts   Experiencing care as a younger person   Care and your family    Changing families, changing care   Changing families; Family life in the 1950's   Families and caring: Bethnal green in the late twentieth century   Do families still care   What does it all mean for caring

 Unit 2     Being Ill   What does being ill mean   The sick role   Recognising illness    Healthcare in the community   Accessing primary care   Entering the medical world   Coming to terms with a chronic illness                                 The community Health network    Being aware of the service user   Culturally appropriate services   psychologically sensitive services   taking into account peoples lives    Care in Hospitals   Why go to hospital   Being a hospital patient   Care roles in hospital   Healthcare in changing times   Changing ideas of health   Changes in society   Changes in the health service 

Unit 3  Entering the world of social care Accessing services Carers as clients Continuation of caring A normal life  Social care who decides, who pays Who decides Who Pays  Home care workers and users Home care what is the  job?  This caring business  Providing home care; an alternative model Users criticisms of home care putting the user in charge: direct payments The personal assistant role Suitability for all?

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