What Is History?

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Chronological  Order- Order in which events happensTimeline- Records dates on whicj events take placeBC- Before ChristBCE- Before Common ErrorAD- Anno Dommini (in the year of our land)CE- Common ErrorCentury- 100 yearsDecade- 10 yearsMillenium- 1000 yearsCirca- Around About

Sources are like historians clues are found in artefacts, buildings, websites ect a hypothisis is made from sources two types of sources (primary and secondary) depends on when source is made

Primary Sources were made IN the time researching can include paintings, monuments, shipwreks ect. can sometimes be exaggerated

Secondary Sources were made AFTER time reserching can include books, websites, impressionists paintings ect. made from primary source eg. a book might be made on the rosetta stone and it may have gotten its info from the rosseta stone which is primary

Historians are like investigators research the past research people, monuments, places ect.

Archeoligists specially trained to dig up objects about the past sometimes artefacts are buried deliberately buried they look for clues eg. writing sights are sometimes accedeentally discovered can be found by satellite can investigate bodies

Key TermsHistory- events in pastHistorian- someone who studies events in the pastArtefact- something that was found in the pastEvidence- proof Primary Source- a source that was created in time reaserchingSecondary Source- a source that was created after time reaserchingArcheoligist- a person who digs up artefactsGregorian Calender- the calender we use today, started in 1582

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What Historians Do

Key Terms And Glossery

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