Geography Case Studies - Population and Settlement

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All geography case studies on Cambridge IGCSE.

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    Niger - Rapid Population Growth
    Niger is an LEDC in Africa and has a one of the most quickest population growth of 2.9% and a fertility rate of 7.1 births per woman. Nearly half of the population is under 15 years old.

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    Fall death rates and planning
    Niger's death rates have been falling, some of the cases are better supplies of clean water, better education for women,  better treatment and more. Even if the country is a low development, some country's the population growth has grown big maybe due to its religion or the country planning.

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    Russia's Population Decline

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    Indonesia's Transmigration Scheme

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    Nigeria's Overpopulation

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    Australia's Underpopulation

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    China's Population Reduction Plan

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    Singapore's Population Increase

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    Namibia's Low Population Density

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    Japan's High Population Density

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    Migrants From Poland to UK

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    Ethiopia's Rural Settlement

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    France's Rural Settlement

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    Sardinia's Urban Settlements

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    Barcelona's Land Use

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    Peru's Urbanisation

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    India's Urbanisation

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    Cairo's Urban Problems and Solutions

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    Baltimore's Urban Problems and Solutions

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    Atlanta's Urban Sprawl
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