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Cell Structure

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What's a prokaryotic cell? A small and simple cell (i.e bacteria)
What's a eukaryotic cell? A complex cell that includes all plant and animal cells
What's a prokaryote? A single celled organism (made of one prokaryotic cell)
Name 5 subcellular structures of an animal cell Nucleus Cytoplasm Cell Membrane Mitochondria Ribosomes
Name 3 organelles in a plant cell that an animal cell doesn't have Cell wall Permanent vacuole Chloroplasts
What's the function of the nucleus? Contains genetic material that controls the activity in the cell
What's the function of cytoplasm? Site of most chemical reactions within the cell Contains enzymes that control the reactions
What's the function of the cell membrane? Holds the cell together Partially permeable (controls what goes in and out)
What's the function of mitochondria? Where most of the reactions for aerobic respiration take place. Transfers energy that the cell needs to work
What's the function of a ribosome? Where protein synthesis occurs (proteins are made)
What's the function of a cell wall? Supports and strengthens cell
What's the function of the permanent vacuole? Stores cell sap - a weak solution of sugars and salts
What's the function of chloroplasts? Holds chlorophyll - a green pigment needed for photosynthesis
Where can the DNA of bacteria be found? Plasmids (Rings of DNA) Free floating circular strand
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