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Microscopy for 9-1 GCSE Biology

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What can you see through light microscopes? Cells and large subcellular structures (i.e. nuclei)
What type of microscope has a higher magnification than a light microscope? Electron Microscope
What is resolution? Ability to distinguish between two points Higher resolution = sharper image
What's the equation for magnification? Magnification = image size / real size
How do you prepare a slide for the microscope? 1. Add a drop of water to the middle of a clean slide 2. Separate some cut up onion into layers 3. Peel off some epidermal tissue from the layer using tweezers 4.Place on the water and stain with iodine solution 5. Place a cover slip on top, trying not to get any air bubbles
How do you look at a slide using a light microscope? 1. Clip the slide to the stage 2. Move the stage using coarse adjustment knob so it's just behind the objective lens 3. Looking through the eyepiece, move the stage downwards until it's in focus 4. Adjust focus with fine adjustment knob
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