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These are my Flashcards that i a using to study for a test on Ancient China. Enjoy!

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What Are Two Important Rivers In China? Huang He & Chang Rivers
What are four natural barriers that kept people from entering china? Himalayan Mountains & Gobi Desert & Pacific Ocean & Tibet Plateau
What Are the first four Chinese Dynasties? Xia, Shang, Zhou, Qin
Which Chinese emperor is responsible for building the great wall of china? Qin Si Huangdi
What is The Mandate Of Heaven? The idea that there could be only one legitimate ruler of China at a time. The ancestors show who is the rightful ruler and decided when one was no longer a good leader.
What are oracle bones used for? Telling the future and talking to ancestors
Which dynasty’s period was also called the “Bronze Age”? The Shang Dynasty
Who was Qin Si Huangdi? The emperor who built the great wall of china
What are four Chinese inventions? Yo-yo, Wheelbarrow, Fireworks, paper from trees
Who founded Buddhism? Siddhartha Gautama
Explain the Chinese Civil Service The government makes a test to see if you are worthy of a government job.
Define the Han Dynasty The Han dynasty or China's Golden Age was founded by Liu Bang and he was also the first commoner to become emperor. They also achieved the Silk Road.
Who was Confucius? Confucius or Kong Qui taught harmony and family and how important that was He emphasized how important humanity was.
Define Confucianism, Doasim, and Buddhism. Confucius teaches Humanity and harmony, Buddhism teaches peace and how to become peaceful, finally Doasim teaches the important of meditation and non-violence.