Biology - Genetic Inheritance

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What Is A Species? A species is a group of organisms that can be interbred and produce fertile offspring
Heredity Heredity is the passing of traits from one generation to the next
What Is Dominant Allele? A dominant allele is an allele that is expressed in the heterozygous condition
What Is A Recessive Allele? Recessive Allele is the allele that is only expressed in the homozygous condition
What Is A Genotype? A geneotype is the genetic makeup of an organism
What Is A Phenotype? The phenotype us the physical appearance of the organism and is produced from the interaction of the genotype and the envoirment
Who Decides The Sex Of Offspring? Males determines the sex offspring
What Is The Law Of Segregation? The law of segregation states that organisms have two alleles for each trait and these segregate out in gamete formation
What Is The Law Of Independent Assortment? The Law Of Independent Assortment states that either member of a pair of alleles can pass into a gamete with either member of another pair of alleles
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