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CHOKING The inability to perform to an athletes potential due to anxiety
COHESION The total field of forces that cause members to remain in a group
CONTINUOUS TRAINING A training method that involves working at a steady intensity over long periods
CORE STABILITY Training to target the core muscles
CREATINE LOADING Refers to the ingestion of creatine supplements to enhance anaerobic performance
DECENTRALISED MODEL No single agency takes control of elite sport but there is a system that supports through higher education institutions
DRAFT SYSTEM The US system by which top college players are recruited into professional leagues
D.O.M.S Delayed onset musclular soreness
E.P.O.C Excess post exercise oxygen consumtion
ERGOGENIC AIDS A substance or device that enhances energy prodcution, use or recovery, and provides athletes with competitive advantage
FARTLEK Varying training intensity to stress aerobic and anaerobic conditions
FATIGUE A reduced capacity to complete work brought about by a lack of ocygen, energy or muscle tiredness
GOAL SETTING An objective or target that athletes set themselves to increase
HYDRATION A physiological state of optimal water balance
HYPOXIC CHAMBERS A training module to enhance aerobic performance
INTERVAL TRAINING Training based on a W:R
LACTATE THRESHOLD The point at which lactate starts to accumilate in blood stream more quickly than it can be removed
MOTIVATION The mechanisms and external stimuli that arouse and direct our behaviour
PERFECT MODEL The recognised and accepted way of exceuting a given skill or performance
PERFORMANCE PROFILING The process by which athletes identify aspects of their training to concentrate on
PERIODISATION Splitting training into periods in order to focus on specific objectives
PLYOMETRICS A type of power training where muscles undergo eccentric to concentric contractions
PRE-MATCH CAMP Used as a training facility prior to sports competitions
RITUAL A rountine to help athletes prepare before competition
SAQ TRAINING Speed, agility, quickness training to target neuromuscular system
SCANNING Visual perception technique when an individual attends to many aspects in their field of vision
SELF-EFFICACY Self confidence in a specific situation
STRETCHING Training to improve or maintain muscle elasticity and flexibility or to prevent injury
ACCLIMATISATION The process by whcih athletes prepare by becoming used to different enviroments.
ANXIETY A natural reaction to a threat in the enviroment
ATTRIBUTION THEORY An approach that attempts to categorise the reasons we give for winning or losing
BLOOD DOPING The process of boosting the number of red blood cells to enhance aerobic performance
CARB LOADING A method to boost the amount of glycogen in the body before a competition
CENTERAL GOVERNOR THEORY Refers to the theory that fatigue is an emotional response that begins in the brain and not in the muscles
CENTRALISED MODEL Elite sports are supported directly by the state e.g. EG
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